Camec bringing in the New Year with ‘4 Seasons’

There’s no better way to bring in a new year full of new adventures than giving your beloved caravan some TLC. In perfect timing, Camec has just announced their NEW Camec 4 Season Evolution Roof Hatch, to bring some style and practicality to your caravan.

With an upgrade from their earlier design, the new Camec 4 Season Evolution Roof Hatch boasts versatility and foolproof design, it now comes with LED lights and a roller blind, keeping you cool all year round!

The improved design turns a practical hatch into a modern and stylish feature, whilst retaining Camec’s famous four-season functionality. With passive ventilation, ergonomic vent controls and three opening positions, you’d be sure to get the airflow that you need inside your van. The Camec 4 Season Evolution Roof Hatch is fully tested in Australia and fully designed in Australia for Australasian conditions.

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  • Fully designed in Australia for Australasian Conditions
  • Retains Camecs famous 4 season functionality
  • Passive ventilation 182cm2
  • Ergonomic vent controls
  • Easy installation from inside the RV
  • Fully tested in Australia
  • Each door has three opening positions (Closed, Rain Mode, Fully Open)
  • New elegant design
  • Tough ASA construction resulting in improved sealant adhesion

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