Long-Haul Hotspots

The Adventuring Pals share their three favourite finds on the Southern East-West Haul.

Animal Encounters at Lincoln National Park, SA 

This national park is located at the bottom tip of the beautiful Eyre Peninsula. It’s 10 mins from the town of Port Lincoln. What really made it a standout was the abundance of amazing Australian animal encounters. From spotting a family of koalas sleeping away
in the gum trees, watching sea lions and dolphins frolicking and hunting in the wild waters off Cape Donington Lighthouse, to witnessing a cheeky emu charging a flock of Cape Barren geese along the salt lakes. The kids absolutely loved getting close to and witnessing our fauna and marine life at its best!

Snorkelling with the Family at Smooth Pool, Westall, SA 

Driving further west along the rugged coastline we found ourselves at a place called Smooth Pool. It’s just a bit south of Streaky Bay and would be easily doable
as a day trip from there. Smooth Pool is a natural sheltered rock pool that is just teeming with different species of fish, crustaceans, molluscs and seaweed, creating an enchanting aquarium to look into. It makes an amazing snorkelling spot and is perfect for kids due to its shallow and calm waters, which are rare to find along this rugged, exposed coastline.

Bird’s-Eye views of Lake Hillier, Middle Isand, WA 

Last but definitely not least on our shortlist was the very stunning Middle Island off the coast of Esperance, Western Australia.

The island is the biggest of over 100 islands that make up the Recherche Archipelago. It is remote and only accessible by a boat or by helicopter. We did a HeliSpirit helitour which enabled us to set foot onto the island. It was a 45 min flight over to the Island. We flew over dolphins and countless islands. They were incredible, standing dramatically within the powerful blue Southern Ocean. Our pilot kept us well informed as we flew over Cape Le Grand and Cape Arid national parks.

When Middle Island came into view, our eyes were drawn to the stunningly pink Lake Hillier. It was unreal seeing such a hue in something that’s 100% natural!
The pink color is produced by algae and bacteria which live in the highly saline water. As we landed we got to hike to the lake and then witness remnants of past life there. Historically, the island was home to Australia’s only recorded pirate, Long John Anderson, who used it as a base to rob vessels.

The Helitour is definitely one of those experiences that is sure to stand out as a highlight of our life on the road long after we have returned to a more “normal” lifestyle.