Driving with a strong secure foundation

Towing your caravan on winding roads can be an intimidating task and the roads can be dangerous. Luckily there are safety precautions you can take to keep you and other drivers safe, plus factors like having a strong, secure chassis that will make towing your van much easier.

You never know when the unexpected could happen, especially when driving on winding roads, so it is important that you keep your distance from the person in front of you and give yourself plenty of room. It is also important to make sure your caravan brakes are adjusted properly. Another thing to keep in mind is packing your van correctly, in other words making sure that your ball weight is correct on the van.

Structurally, the chassis is the most important part of your caravan. Having a strong and secure foundation for your caravan, such as a G&S Chassis, will help you avoid problems down the track, particularly with winding roads that require a lot of sideways movements and turns, plus the added forces of external factors such as trucks driving past you. If the chassis is not secure or strong enough, it’s going to twist and it’s going to put a lot of force and stress on the caravan body. If the caravan body is under stress, it could start cracking things such as cupboards and other internal features which could become damaged or broken.

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