Cheap and Easy Camper Trailer Hacks

Got some spare change to invest in your camper trailer? Here are the budget mods that can really improve your entire set-up:

Camping is meant to be easy and stress- free right? Yep, we’re supposed to be enjoying the simple life while we’re getting back to nature and soaking up all that sweet, sweet serenity. While most camper trailers are designed pretty well these days there are definitely a few bits and bobs we can employ to help, you know, simplify things a bit. So, if you like camping and want a few tips on how to get around those annoying campsite hurdles, then here are the tips you’ll need to know to really simplify your set-up, enjoy!


We’ve all been guilty of climbing all over the camper trailers tent and stretching
like a worn out slinky to reach those top zips or awning eyelets, haven’t we? Well, here’s a bright idea; tie a bit of rope to those hard-to-reach zips! Yep, those darn awning zippers become a breeze with this little modification.

However, if your zippers are still a little tricky to operate another little trick is to tie a bit of wire through the eye of the zipper to make a little hoop. The idea is you can then use a tent pole with a hooked end to move the zip around without breaking your back.


To make the most out of the available space, it’s worth spending the time to find camping gear that packs into other slightly larger items. You’ll be absolutely blown away by the storage you’ve been wasting! Yep, things like pots, pans and containers are perfect for this sort of packing, and you can even include the larger items like camp ovens and fire pits. The tighter the fit the more snug things become too, and don’t forget to pack in those essential hand towels and packet mixes for a bit more cushion during transit.


We’ve all been guilty of losing the key to the storage box padlock, or the locks on your tie-down latches, or the million other locks around the place. The funny thing is that nine times out of ten the key you’re after is just buried deep within the rest of the bunch.

To help make things a little easier, why not colour code all of your locks to the corresponding keys? The easiest, and as luck would have it, cheapest way is to stick matching coloured “dot” stickers on the corresponding key and locks.


Want to de-clutter your campsite? Well, investing in a few sets of hooks can really go a long way. Yep, simply attach a few hooks around your set-up and start hanging your gear up and out of harm’s way. The best part is most of your equipment will already have holes built into the handles. Sure, it might sound a little too simple, but trust us – for less than ten bucks a pop, you’d be mad not to try it!


If you own either a hard or soft floor camper trailer protection the tents floor ends up on top of the bed when it’s packed away. Obviously it makes sense to clean the floor before you fold it over, but for an extra barrier of protection it’s time to make yourself a DIY bed protector. A cheap option is to simply throw a tarp over the bed, and for a few bucks you can grab yourself a bit of PVCpipe or even a length of timber. This will help you roll the tarp up with ease! Simply secure it to the pipe using a few self tapping screws through the tarps eyelets and you’re done!


There’s nothing worse than fiddling around aimlessly to try and find the zippers. the first being to keep a light nice and handy. Failing that the next best option is to crack a couple of glow sticks and attach them to you zippers. They’ll last from sun-down till sun-up, and the kids will have a blast when they’re not needed around camp. But why stop with the zips? Why not attach one to the dog at night too, or to the guy ropes for that matter?