Top End Campgear’s “Pandora’s Box”

The Compact Camp Kitchens by Top End Campgear are designed and made in Australia to provide a convenient and efficient work space with everything necessary to prepare, cook, serve your meal and clean up afterwards within arms reach.

Designed as a stand alone portable unit which, if you choose, can be mounted to just about any vehicle, the Top End Compact Camp Kitchens can be set up in less than a minute and are a perfect organisation tool whether you are travelling on holiday, a tradie on a work site, a truckie on an outback run or simply out for a Sunday drive.

The kitchen offers specifically designed storage compartments that firmly hold all your necessary non-perishable cooking items along with the tools you need for food preparation and cooking such as pots and pans, plates and a space for the wash-up tub. There are drawers for storage of all your cutlery, cooking utensils and plates located strategically above the prep area for easy access, plus an area for storing sharp knives so they don’t become blunt. With a stove incorporated into the design via a slide out drawer, Top End Campgear have really put together a complete compact camp kitchen

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