Caravan theft is increasing Australia wide and police say thieves will go to any length to steal the home away from home you enjoy in the great outdoors. In some cases, police say caravan owners do not take enough precaution to guard against theft and also warn that it can happen, not only at your home, but on the road.

Some caravan owners rely on a simple padlock device, and a thief with an average screw driver can snap these in a matter of seconds. There is an answer to this with the new Hayman Reese Heavy Duty Coupling Lock, which is more than perfect for guarding against theft of your caravan or camper trailer.

Designed for maximum security this heavy duty coupling lock has a solid adjustable 15mm hexagonal steel locking mechanism and is perfect for securing your caravan, camper trailer or even your boat if you have one. The all-new housing is larger than ever and has added strength where it counts. Suitable for 50 mm and 1⅞” ball couplings, the Heavy Duty Coupling Lock can be trusted to keep your caravan or camper trailer secure. The patented hexagonal steel locking mechanism is 34% thicker than the standard market variant offering maximum protection.

.  Universal anti-theft locking mechanism – Suits 50mm and 1 7/8″ couplings
.   Solid adjustable 15mm hexagonal steel locking mechanism to ensure perfect fit
.   Securely locks your caravan, trailer or boat when not attached to the vehicle
.   Bright yellow colour is highly visible and deters thieves
.   Supplied with two keys
.   One year warranty

If you would like to know more about the heavy duty coupling lock visit or give them a call on 1800 812 017.

You can also help police locate stolen caravans and camper trailers by posting them on the Stolen Caravan Register. Visit their web site at

Written by: John Westbury