How to power your van while you are free camping

Free camping is a great way to get off the grid and enjoy what the camping lifestyle has to offer. However if you are in a caravan or RV, you might have appliances that rely on power like your TV and your fridge and even smaller things like your phone charger. Solar panels have become an important part in travelling but it is important you understand how they work, and how much power you appliances need to function efficiently.

On each device it will state the energy consumption of that particular item, for example, a caravan fridge might use 2.8 Amps. Once you work out the total of amps you need for those appliances and devices to run efficiently each day, you can then find the right solar panels for you. Camec offer a range of solar panels that can be attached to your roof, or even a mobile option so you don’t have to chase the sun all day.

Depending on how much power you will need to use and store, will depend on how many panels you need as well as how many batteries you will need, once the sun goes down. To ensure your batteries are being used to maximum capacity, it is important to make sure you are allowing enough battery power to only be discharging up to 50% of their rated capacity.

A solar charge regulator will regulate the charge between the solar panels and the batteries. Once you have everything connected, get ready to turn on the lights!