Carasel Towbars – 100% Aussie Owned and Made

It’s such an important part of the caravanning experience, after all, if your towbar isn’t right then there’s nothing right about your towing experience.

Macca is right across it, watch the video to see how selecting the right towbar is essential for safety and peace of mind.


Carasel Towbars clearly specialise in just that, the towbar but they also stock a large range of trailer and vehicle accessories.


They stock towbar accessories and trailer parts for the DIY customer, including jockey wheels, tow balls, hitches, axles, springs, mudguards, trailer boards, lights, electrical, and tyres. From roof racks, bike racks, luggage boxes, and more, Carasel provides the items every tradesman or Weekend Warrior needs.


Check out their website here to search their wide range of towbars and other products.