AL-KO and G&S Chassis, A Strong Foundation For Your Caravan

AL-KO is best known for its high-quality running gear range, including axles, brakes, and suspension products. In addition, AL-KO offers its customers a wide range of accessories, as well as motorhome chassis and undercarriage components.

Recent releases from the company include AL-KO Enduro, AL-KO ESC (electronic stability control), AL-KO IQ7, and AL-KO ATS (anti-theft system).

It this video, Robby catches up with Brad Hooper from AL-KO who talks about the G&S Chassis and why it is one of AL-KO’s most enduring brands while also explaining what to look for when thinking about buying your caravan.


It’s an important component, after all, the chassis is the foundation of your caravan build.

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