Regent’s Discoverer is the Perfect Starter Van

If you’re considering entering the market then meet Regent’s Discoverer. This no-fuss caravan includes everything you would want to head out on the road and live in comfort, with ease.

Macca goes through a huge list of what’s available inside and out, plus the construction – which is solid and sound – but what I particularly like is the attention to detail in the decor. This van is luxurious, well laid out and nothing has been compromised.

From the beautiful gloss finishes to the leather upholstery Regent’s Discoverer range will keep you in comfort, on the road for ages.

Large picture windows on both sides of the caravan allow ample light to stream in and the choice of several layouts and sizes plus the option of an all-terrain pack means there’s bound to be a Discoverer that suits you and your family’s needs.

For further information on this van or any other in the Regent range, check out their website here.