MDC A Best of the Best Winner for it’s Rugged Grace and Practical Elegance

Meet Shane Cheney or, as we like to call him on our trip “Stunt Steve”. He is one lucky man. You see Shane wasn’t supposed to be on this trip, we were taking one of the MDC crew, Steve Zammit, that was until he did his back so severely that by the time we got to Junee he couldn’t continue.

Enter Steve Cheney who not only had never been on television before, never traveled in one of our convoys, he lands himself in one of our Best of the Best winners, the MDXC  and is there only for the fact that he is an expert when it comes to the MDC XT16 HR Island. And, like the true professional he is, Shane took to the whole box and dice like a duck to water.

Now let’s talk about this van because it was a whole lot more than it appeared to be at first sight.  It was surprisingly spacious, surprisingly attractive, extremely rugged and a very worth Best of the Best titleholder.

I hadn’t actually been in this van until Steve became unwell and had to be “medivaced” (driven by our Executive Producer) out and Shane was being brought in.  I decided we needed to go in and make sure the van was clean and ready for its new lodger.  To Steve’s credit, it was immaculate but what I couldn’t get over was how much space there was in what seems like a rather compact van from the outside.

This van is designed for outdoor living but that doesn’t mean the inside has taken a hit. Everything is there, a queen size island bed, an ensuite with a full-sized shower, some good bench space, café style eatery, plenty of light and just a really practical, good-looking caravan. It seems an odd thing to say about a van but it’s an elegant van, no fuss or faff, just a great-looking, practical caravan.

The main kitchen is outside. It’s the perfect slide-out with cooking facilities, bench space, drawers, hot and cold water, and even the kitchen sink. There’s excellent lighting outside too and an electronic awning that locks into place and is an excellent addition to the features of this van.

This compact, off-road van is built to be taken anywhere, you can live in absolute comfort knowing, that if you hurt your back, Stunt Steve will be able to take over without missing a beat.  What more could you want?

Congratulations MDC on becoming one of our 8 Best of the Best. For further information visit