Tips and hints to keep each other safe on the road

This week, the 30th of April to the 6th of May, is National Road Safety Week. Everyone deserves to feel safe on our roads, from drivers, cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians to caravanners and transport operators driving for work, National Road Safety Week reminds us to be aware of other road users and drive safely. Rod Hannifey from Truckright shares some tips and hints on ways that transport operators and caravanners alike can share the road and drive safely.

Some of these tips include

  • Seeking knowledge from magazines, tourist brochures, clubs and other vanners
  • Trip Preparation. Make a checklist. The bigger the trip, the bigger the checklist needs to be.
  • Having Radio Communications. Channel 18 is for caravans. Talk with other caravanners and truckies and improve on road safety and communication. 
  • Respect the size and weight of trucks. Share the road. You are holidaying, they are working, and each is done at a different pace.
  • On road skills. Practise with a few short trips, at least one with a friend or more experienced vanner. Consider a caravan course. Plan regular breaks and walk around your vehicle at each stop to check tyres and towing equipment.
  • If you are holding up following traffic, move off where safe, to allow them to pass.

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