There’s A Sting In The Air


JB Caravans have had the Scorpion Sting in their fleet for some time but have just recently upped the ante with the Scorpion Sting Air model debuted at the 2019 Victorian Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow in February this year.

JB’S New Scorpion Sting Air

If you desire to go off the grid on full off-road tracks and hard-to-reach places then the Scorpion Sting Air is well worth your consideration.

Touted as JB Caravan’s ultimate off-road model the Scorpion Sting Air takes that off-road experience to the next level. An improved electrical drive, a more powerful lithium battery and the standard air-bag suspension are some of the standard inclusions.

In fact the Scorpion Sting Air is packed with so many extras as standards, the only thing you could add would be a satellite dish if you wanted one!

Macca catches up with Brendan O’Dempsey at the show for a quick chat. Or for further information go to