Robby’s Salmon Secrets

Get the PERFECT CRISP on your salmon steak with these tried and true tips from Robby’s kitchen!

Chasing crunchy skin on a perfectly cooked salmon steak? What’s Up Downunder favourite Robby Nethercote achieves the best of both worlds in this fabulous flashback from Camper Deals TV season 1, with these failsafe tips.

The secrets to our camp chef’s success reside in a simple marinade, a well-rested steak and a covered cast iron plate, like we see here on the hooded Smith’s Portable Barbecue, available through NCE.



Try Robby’s Marinade!

  • Four pieces of fresh salmon
  • One clove of minced garlic
  • Big squeeze of lemon juice
  • Three tbsp honey
  • Three tbsp olive oil
  • Third cup soy
  • Salt & pepper to taste

Mix the ingredients, generously coat four slices of salmon early in the day and rest in the fridge, till half an hour before hitting the grill.