Locked out of your caravan? Camec has come to the rescue!

There are too many occasions where one may lock themselves out of their caravan. You may have dropped your keys on the beach, or headed out to the camp kitchen and have come back with piles of dishes and a locked door, or worse, have one of your children lock themselves inside the caravan. The stress of having the one key into your caravan is now a thing of the past with Camec’s new Keyless Entry System. The option is now available to carry around just a fob or just a wristband to electronically unlock and lock your RV, guaranteeing safe and easy access for parents and children.

The system comes with a master fob and two general use fobs, with each fob individually encoded and utilising 128bit encryption. This unique fob system is the first of its kind, with the ability to lock and unlock with just a fob or wristband run off the power of the RV with backup batteries-you’ll never have to worry about losing a key again! With the option to have up to 6 fobs and waterproof wristbands, the whole family can be sure they will never find themselves locked out.

Designed and assembled in Australia, the Camec Keyless Entry System can be installed into any existing Camec main door or ask your caravan manufacturer or visit a local Camec store or dealer for some more information on installing the Keyless Entry System.

Visit www.camec.com for more information