Keep it Clean!

Sunland owners share their camping wisdom
Words & Photos by Alison Huth

Once again, editor at large Alison Huth kicked back with her fellow Sunland Caravan Owners at Marysborough to exchange their collective camping wisdom. This time, keeping a sharp eye on hygiene and health.

Clean Toilet Cassette
To clean the cassette at the end of an adventure, fill the cassette to the brim with a vinegar and water mix, leaving it to sit to absorb the odour and other bits. Repeat at least twice.


Tank Savers!
To stop small bits of food going into the grey water tank use a small tea strainer suitably bent to fit the plug hole, or use the spherical Tea infuser, broken into two halves as an alternative. Spotlight stores stock small sink strainers.


Tackle Grey Tank Gunk
Please note grey water becomes black in 24 hours. For cleaning, use dishwasher cleaning tablets (come in packs of three). Dissolve in hot water in sinks and shower, and let it flow into the tank. One good idea is to do this on your last leg of the trip. The gentle (or not so gentle) rocking of the van can do the work of breaking up the gunk at the bottom of the tank, and you can then empty the tank out at home. 


CPAP 12V Power
If you haven’t already got a 12V plug beside the bed for your CPAP machine, it’s a great idea to have one installed. Saves having the charging cord hanging around and being a
trip hazard.

Save your toes!
Have you ever caught your toes in the awning tie down springs? If you have, perhaps putting the camping springs up next to the awning will work so you don’t catch your toes on them.

Medicine Cupboard
Your medicinal needs may have changed since you bought your van. One Sunlandian took up another Sunlandian’s idea of having Sunland install a medicine cupboard in their ensuite. This cupboard solved the dilemma of where to store the extra medicines that came with extra age. Plus they didn’t have to clear space in an already allocated cupboard.