Island Lappers the Quinns are Actually Living the Best Life in Lotus’ Best of the Best Caravan

Our new friends, the Quinns – Mum Jayde, Dad Derek, 8-year-old Paityn, 7-year-old Kody and Lahni who is almost 1 – are currently lapping the island in their Best of the Best Lotus Trooper.  When The Trooper was awarded the Best of the Best we thought, why not bring the Quinns on the road with us.  And boy, are we glad we did.

Firstly, their van. Originally from Perth, the Quinns have taken their Lotus Trooper as far north as you can go then worked their way down to Melbourne to meet up with us.  They have been living in their van for six months and says it has not missed a beat.

We here at WUDU have been working with Lotus for some time and it certainly doesn’t surprise us that this wonderful van has stood up to the test.  On-road or off the Lotus vans are built to withstand anything.

They’re such a smart-looking van and a breeze to tow.  As Derek says, to know he can go out to a spot where people tell him that perhaps your van won’t be able to cope and make it back safely, with the family, is the best thing you can do.

The dual shock absorbers, suspension, and trailing arm makes this an “amazing bit of kit” says Derek, that will get you and your family there and back safely.

One of Derek’s favorite things about the van is the batteries and solar panels. Their van has 4 x 680-watt solar panels pumping into the batteries, it has the REDARC battery management system that always take the green option first, and a 3,000-watt inverter.

Jayde says that Lotus themselves couldn’t be more accommodating if they tried. There were a few things the Quinns wanted altered in the van before they took off on their big trip.  “It wasn’t a problem at all,” said Jayde, “and the after-purchase service has been amazing”.

We loved having the Quinn’s onboard for our Summer Series Convoy for Charity.  There’s something to be said about kids that travel with their parents, in a van for an extended period of time, we’ve seen in before.  They are confident, polite, intelligent, caring kids who within minutes became part of our WUDU family.

The Quinn’s are doing it well. Their plan is to be on the road for as long as the urge is there.  And they’ve certainly got the right van to stand up to that test.

You can follow the Quinns on their website:

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