Borgy reckons Hybrid camper trailers have taken over the market. What are your thoughts?

Back when I was a young whipper snapper, a swag was my camping accommodation of choice. That was mainly thanks to their simplicity
and versatility. After years of sleeping on the ground and a not-so-positive experience in croc-country, I decided a roof-top tent on a trailer was a step-up in the world, literally. Then, I switched to a hard-floor camper trailer that set-up in seconds, offered internal living space and only weighed a smidgen over 700 kg so my old N/A diesel LandCruiser didn’t kick up a stink about towing it. However, lately I’ve been rocking a series of different hybrid camper trailers, and the truth is I kind of like a bit of comfort these days. It turns out, I’m not alone. Over the last few year’s the hybrid camper trailer market has quite literally taken over the scene in terms of pure sales volume.

The question is, why? My thoughts are that it’s a culmination of factors. The cars we’re towing them with have come a long way in terms of towing performance, so the weight doesn’t feel as cumbersome. Then there’s the whole Covid 19 pandemic saga. I think a layout with an internal toilet and shower, instead of shared campsite facilities has become much more appealing these days, too. Plus, most of us hybrid camper owners are just sick of dealing with wet canvas!
What are your thoughts? Are hybrid campers the bee’s-knees, or does the old school canvas camper still reign supreme in your eyes?

Words by: Michael Borg