Get a wider reception range with Camec’s newest antenna

It’s 3:58pm on a Saturday afternoon in your caravan and you are just about to tune into the latest episode of What’s Up Downunder and you have no signal, what are you going to do?

Luckily Camec have got you covered with their ‘King Jack’ TV antennas, you will never miss your favourite show again no matter where you are. The ‘King Jack Outdoor Antenna’ is a perfect solution for long range with a built in amplifier for maximum VHF and UHF, as well as a universal mounting bracket for both RV and home use.


This April, Camec are also releasing a brand new ‘King Jack Low Profile H/V Antenna with Signal’. This roof mount antenna features a custom-designed horizontal and vertical elements for optimal TV tuning in all areas of Australia. With a wider reception range and a built in amplifier, the antenna will give you greater reception coverage, as well as enhanced weak signals in fringe areas.

The brand new ‘King Jack Low Profile H/V Antenna with Signal’ also includes:

  • Easy to install. Can work with varying roof thicknesses (25mm to 203mm)
  • Effortless antenna rotation. Easily rotate antenna with a couple of fingers with 360 degree rotation for no dead areas
  • Built-in digital TV signal meter. Point the antenna for maximum reception before scanning for channels to simplify setup and eliminate those frustrating set ups
  • No crank handle. Fixed height requires no cranking up or down. No need to remember to bring the antenna down before driving away
  • Compact, aerodynamic design. Aerodynamic mount offers excellent wind resistance, is 70% smaller and needs less roof space than regular RV antennas

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