Caravanning and Camping are First Choice for Australian Holidays

With most Australian families spending almost three years’ worth of savings on getaways*, it’s no wonder caravanning and camping are the leading options for family holidays versus overseas trips.

Travel, hotel accommodation, restaurant meals, and entertainment were all factors taken into consideration when Westpac conducted a study into what the average Australian family spends on a three-week overseas holiday. The results? A whopping $4,679 per person and for the average Australian family of four, a grand total of $18,716**

Caravanning Queensland General Manager of Trade, Jason Plant, notes that 71% of families are making huge sacrifices in order to afford the cost attributed to only one holiday a year and with the cost of international travel increasing by 3 per cent over the past 12 months***, it’s clear to see why Australian families are choosing to hit the road instead of filling up their passports.

“It can be incredibly stressful when trying to save up for a holiday whilst tackling living expenses at the same time,” he said. “These financial obstacles facing the average Australian family has resulted in growth for inter and intra-state travel, with more and more holiday-makers turning to caravanning and camping as their preferred and regular holiday.


“There’s a recreational vehicle for every budget from around $10,000 for a tent trailer or $60,000 for a family caravan, holidaying at a caravan park can cost less than $100 a day inclusive of food and entertainment, allowing families the time out they’re looking for without a big bill to face at the end.”

Besides the economic bonus of a caravanning and camping holiday, Queensland and Australia’s great outdoors offer so much for a family to experience be it pristine coastline or the sprawling Outback.

Mr Plant said most Australians forget what’s waiting at their back doorstep and that’s million-dollar views that people from all over the world pay a hefty price to experience.

“By getting the kids out of the house and hitting the road, not only are families choosing to explore and appreciate our great state and country, they are choosing to share in quality family time, make greater connections and enjoy life at their own pace,” he said.

“The notion that a price can’t be put on outdoor beauty has never been stronger and when paired with the people and cultures you will meet along the way, it’s the best opportunity for the whole family to have fun while finding out what our great country has to offer.”


With caravanning and camping options to suit all styles and budgets, families can easily find a way to plan a great vacation without feeling like they are completely ‘roughing it’ and there’s no better opportunity than the Queensland Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow which rolls into town at the Brisbane Showgrounds from Wednesday, June 5 – Monday, June 10.

There will be more than 1,000 RV products on display and 250 exhibitors showing everything from affordable, entry-level camper and tent trailers to top-of-the-range, luxury caravans and motorhomes as well as a Towing Master Class with Gary Gardner and Roger Vickery and a Creek to Coast Outdoor Stage featuring Sally Jenyns and Scotty Hillier cooking up recipes using an RV kitchen, plus other family-friendly activities available for the kids.

For more information on how you can hit the road and explore the great outdoors on a family adventure or to purchase a ticket to the Queensland Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow, visit

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