Camplify: The Airbnb of Caravans


Do you have a caravan sitting at home throughout the year? Or perhaps you don’t own a caravan and are just itching to get out and try the camping and caravanning lifestyle? Camplify has made this all possible with their new ‘Airbnb’ like service pairing holidaymakers with caravan and RV owners across Australia.

You may find that most caravanners will only actually use their caravan 6 weeks of the whole year, which means for the remainder 46 weeks it may be sitting in the front yard or in a garage not getting much use. With Camplify, caravan owners can now hire out their caravan for seeking holidaymakers, potentially earning from $280-$2100 in a week.

Caravan owners have the option to allow holidaymakers to tow their van, or bring the van to the selected location. Insurance is also offered by Camplify and all hiring members are approved- you also get to choose who you want to lend to.

Camplify also gives everyone the opportunity to experience the camping lifestyle without having to own an RV. From locations all across Australia, you can choose from a wide range of different camping styles from caravans and RV’s, camper trailers and even bell tents for glamping! You don’t even need a 4WD or Landcruiser, just search for a van that will drop off to your location.

Camplify is free to sign up- start your holiday tomorrow or start earning money on your caravan or RV!

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