Big Red Bash 2019

The Big Red Bash is not just a concert, it’s an adventure. If you consider the location, a forty metre high sandhill called Big Red; the line-up of artists; the effort people take to get there and to camp there; and, the logistics involved in putting the whole thing together it’s an absolutely amazing adventure.

The venue is about thirty kilometres west of Birdsville and right on the edge of the Simpson Desert. The stage and camping location have Big Red as a backdrop and the whole place is set inside a dried-up ancient lake bed. This is a ridiculously unique setting for any kind of event, let alone an event that features some of Australia’s greatest and most iconic entertainers.

The camping ‘rigs’ were many and varied with all types of caravans, camper trailers, tents, rooftop tents, and motorhomes. Some people went to a huge amount of trouble to get set up and others seem to just turn up, unroll the swag and ‘get stuck in’.

The program ran over a three day period, with the first day being a short session running from 4pm to about 8pm. There was a great variety of good quality food vendors servicing the crowds and fresh coffee was readily available. The line-up of artists was incredible. The M/C and comedy interludes were amazing.

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