Australian Sharing Economy Awards 2018- Bringing Caravans into the sharing economy!

In true Aussie spirit, we see more and more sharing economy every day and what better way to recognise the peer-to-peer marketplace with the ‘Australian Sharing Economy Awards 2018’. This award recognises not only those small businesses that really go above and beyond in the ‘sharing economy’ but also individuals that have contributed to the marketplace community.

You may be wondering what is the sharing economy and what does it have to do with me? You may be aware of larger scale services like ‘Airbnb’ that fall under the sharing economy- perhaps you use the service to rent out your holiday house or you like to use the service yourself to save money on hotels! You may be surprised to know that this type of ‘sharing marketplace’ also exists in the caravan community with businesses such as ‘Caravan & Camping Hire Australia’With peer to peer caravan and camping hire options all across Australia, they are offering the caravan and RV community that niche that has been missing.

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