Queenstown and its Warm Character

Queenstown is so unique because of its rugged moon-like landscape and its rich mining history. And the drive from Waratah to Queensland certainly highlights it’s beauty. Located in a deep valley between the western slopes of Mt Owen and the West Coast Rangers, like a lot of Tasmania there are loads of unspoilt attractions.

We took a stroll around the township of Queenstown and loved the architecture and the quaint old pubs but in was in Queenstown that we came across one of our favourite locals, “Stringer” a Queenstown artist with a rather unique take on life and loads of talent to boot.

Queenstown is rich with local artists but Stringer is one of a kind. “Don’t ask me to paint a landscape”, he says “you can open a window if you want a landscape”.

There is so much to see and do in Queenstown including the Heritage Railway. It’s certainly worth a visit and perhaps a couple of days. Oh, and don’t forget to drop in on Stringer and say hi from us.

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