From comments around various Caravan Clubs and elsewhere, there appears to be confusion as to where you can and cannot go, and, if you can, what do you need to do.

We asked Rob Lucas, CEO of Caravan Industry Association Victoria to obtain an answer for
us, and after consultation with the relevant authority has this advice.

  • You may enter N.S.W. without having to have a Covid test no matter where you are from
  • If you are travelling to Queensland you must have a Covid test 72 hours prior and the result must be negative. After five days you are required to undergo a further Covid test and again the result must be negative
  • W.A – There is a border closure until February 5 at this time
  • S.A. and N.T. There is no information available at this time

Caravan Parks: Reports have been received that some parks have demanded
proof of Covid tests and results. This is not allowed.

Other Information: All caravan parks must have a QR Code register displayed either
outside or inside the reception. You must use this. Some parks are requesting that you use
this if you leave and return to the park on a different day (ie: if you arrive Monday but go
out for the day Tuesday then you have to scan the QR Code again).
If you or anyone travelling with you display Covid symptoms you should go and get tested
straight away. If your result is positive you must notify the park straight away and follow
health department guidelines.

Safe travels!