Gold Class for You and Your Van

When we decided to head to Tasmania and explore the west coast we knew we wanted to take some vans, and our Ram trucks with us. We knew the Rams weren’t going to be a problem but we weren’t sure about our vans. A quick call to Spirit of Tasmania soon put us at ease – they are equipped to take the biggest vans over, making it possible for all of us to explore the beautiful Apple Isle.

Arriving at Spirit of Tasmania we were eager to get on board and soak in what was going to be the last night of relaxation before embarking on our journey. But there were a few nagging questions in our mind – How long was the loading process going to take? How complicated was it going to be given we had four vans with us as well as some pretty big towing vehicles.

When we say it was easy, we mean easy. You simply drive on, get out of your car and head upstairs to enjoy the myriad of things there are to do on Spirit of Tasmania.

Our cast and crew spent time in Bar 7 for a pre-dinner drink before heading to TMK where a large selection of premium Tasmania produce has been turned into a delicious buffet that included a carvery of roasted meats, seafood selections, pasta, curry, salads, and some iconic desserts.

Then, there was a split in the ranks with some heading to the cinema to catch the latest flick, others heading back to the bar for a nightcap and the odd one of us turning in for an early night.

There’s nothing like the gentle rolling of a ship to lull you into a sound sleep. Accommodation on Spirit of Tasmania ranges from a Deluxe Cabin that would rival any luxury liner or if travelling with a friend perhaps a twin bed option would be more suitable.

There’s also the four-bed private cabin that’s perfect for travelling with friends or your family.

All cabins come with private showers.

Then of course, for the more budget-conscious you can put your feet up and relax on one of the 121 recliners available for the trip.

Once we had enjoyed a sound night sleep and eaten a hearty breakfast we headed down to collect our vehicles and vans. No reversing, no turning, it was as simple as driving off.

Tasmania is truly a wonderful destination, with so many things to see and do. It is fast becoming one of Australia’s most popular travel destinations and now that we’ve experienced Spirit of Tasmania with our vans on board it puts Tasmania on the top of our easy-to-reach destination list.

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