Customised for the Quinns


After travelling in our 21.6ft triple bunk Lotus Trooper for over 18 months with 3 young children, I’m pretty confident I can design the right caravan for our family when we set off again.

So once I knew what we could tow, it was a matter of choosing a layout and finding the right accessories to fit. Here’s what we did.

Deciding to Upgrade 

When Dereck first suggested we buy a new caravan I thought he was crazy. But then I thought about it and his theory of ‘sell the current van while the market is hot, and purchase a new one whilst losing little money’ made so much sense. That way, we could change all the little

things that bugged me about our current van.

We started looking at other brands but wondered why change some- thing when it’s not broken? Our Lotus has been amazing, we have taken it to places many would never take a caravan and it handled like a dream. We were sold on going back to Lotus. So the next question was “Dereck, can we get a bigger van?”

His response was “NO”. But then I convinced him to buy a new car with a larger payload and all my ducks were in a row.

A Last Minute Change

We set our hearts on the 22ft triple-bunk Trooper but when I went into George Day Caravans & Motorhomes here in Perth to pick my colours, they had just received shipment of a 23.3ft triple-bunk. I instantly knew this was the van for me and my family.

I rang Dereck and told him to come down that day after work and tell me his thoughts, and here we are getting the 23.3ft Lotus Trooper triple bunk.

Oh my goodness the caravan is like a palace. The layout is ideal for a fam

ily of five. When I gave people a walkthrough on our social media page I was inundated with positive messages.

Why this works for us 

One of my favourite features would be the full-length mirror. After not seeing myself for 18 months in a mirror I was quite shocked when I finally got to see the image of who I had become while living on the road.

No, seriously, one of my favourite features would have to be the private kids’ quarters. I can envision my children playing Lego for hours on a rainy day in their own area. Al- though we chase the sun there are some days where we may get rain and anyone who has travelled with children understands how hard it is to have three children cooped up in a caravan. It’s terrible.