Bullara Station

We booked into Bullara Station which is inland from Exmouth and Coral Bay. We didn’t plan to go inland, but July 2021 school holidays hit, plus winter season and there wasn’t a site to be had even in Exmouth’s or Coral Bay’s overflow areas. So, the choice was made for us and we headed for Bullara Station.

My Kind of Jam!

Of all the Stations we stayed at on this trip this is the one that sticks in our collective minds. You arrive and the place is packed. There are caravans parked which are obviously going out, but no-one is in the cars! There are vans waiting for a site, but again, the cars are empty. What on earth is going on? It didn’t take long to twig that everyone was in the cafe gardens having their first or last coffee with fresh scones, jam and cream.

Once you taste them you can understand why those leaving wanted one more feed of them. Originally, we had booked for three nights, and then extended for one more. Sadly, our late booking and extension meant that we had to move twice in four nights, but we did it.

…Everything Old 

The Station has repurposed just about anything they can find. The 100-year-old woolshed is currently a TV room, but owner Edwina told me that there are plans to move the cafe there. I think that is an excellent idea, because the cafe is currently in the garden of the old homestead which is used as on-site accommodation.

The amenities are all interesting. There is a new one, but the only things new are the actually shower heads and toilets. The doors are flattened out 44gal drums. They are very good and really do add to the style.

Some of the showers are supplied with hot water thanks to the donkey system, where you heat the water with a fire and the resulting hot water goes into a bucket, or some such, which you tip over yourself.

The Happiest Hours 

We were there for a taste of Damper John’s damper which he makes himself and cooks in huge camp ovens. If you are giving damper to 150+ people three times a week, you certainly need big camp ovens. He also tells a few tales about the Station, the people and how he came to be there. His damper is delicious and his tales are entertaining.

There are a few walks you can do around the park and into the surrounding station property. Peter and I set off on one to see the Sunset only to turn back when a message came through on the phone to say that the other four travelling with us were already at our van and happy hour was starting without us!

Besides enjoying the relaxed feeling of the park and the delicious morning teas we decided to take a couple of day trips to Exmouth and Coral Bay (overleaf).

Then, on our final evening at Bullara Station we sat around the campfire. Next morning it was time to pack up and move on
to discover another interesting place. WA is full of interesting places. Bullara Station opens April 1, 2022.