Bays All-Round

Forget about Lucky Bay, says Jayde Quinn for Lapping the Island. Duke of Orleans is where it’s at!

So here’s one for you: Duke of Orleans. Never heard of it? Neither had I.

A friend in the travel industry mentioned it to me and when I envisioned it, a place in Hawaii popped into my head. So I had to go check it out whilst we were down the bottom end of WA, and boy was I glad we did because let me tell you, this place has captured my heart.

Never in a million years would you hear me say I could live anywhere in the south (due to the colder temperatures) but this place is just WOW. Forget Lucky Bay and make sure you take the time to explore the Duke. We planned on a week here and spent 2 weeks, and if it wasn’t for the fact that we had commitments elsewhere, we would have spent way more time here. It is just amazing.

Bays In All Directions

This place is 85kms east of Esperance and has breathtaking beaches, one after another. The best part is no matter the wind directions you are bound to find a bay with near to no wind as every bay faces in a different direction.

There is a caravan park situated right in the heart of all the bays, with a convenient store and amenities. A boat ramp for the boating people. Lots of families bring their quad bikes down and have a ball. Don’t forget your sand boards, and don’t forget your fishing rods because the fishing is insane even off the beaches. I promise you won’t starve, let’s be honest if my husband can catch something here anyone can.

Dolphins, Seals and More

The wildlife is just as special. We saw seals, dolphins, kangaroos, sharks and lots of snakes and lizards.

Now be aware that lots of locals expressed their fear for the great white that preys in the oceans but if you keep out of the kelp and in the crystal-clear waters, hopefully you won’t encounter one. We always swam with our shark bands on and either me or Dereck kept on shark patrol.

But please don’t let this stop you from enjoying the beautiful turquoise blue waters and the pristine squeaky white sand.

So if you’re heading to WA and you are in the Esperance region don’t drive past the Duke of Orleans.