Aussie Adventure Guides: North Stradbroke Island

With Liam ‘Mowbs’ Mowbray

Everyone knows about the wonders and adventures of Fraser Island. But what about Fraser’s little brother off the coast of Brisbane? The fishing, the adventure, the beach driving and inland lakes – North Straddie has got just about everything Fraser has except the rainforest.

Things to do

North Straddie is Australia’s second largest sand Island, great for the fishing, swimming and ultra family friendly.

Where to camp

Your camping could range from swagging it under the stars, a caravan at one of the Straddie camping parks, or pulling up just metres from the water on one of the designated camping beaches. If you can handle a short walk, Blue Lake is worth a visit. On your way back to camp you can even play a round of golf. Or if a slower pace is more your style, kick back and relax around a campfire with the ocean breeze in your face and a cold one in your hand.


There are 3 small townships on the Island, linked together by sealed road. The fishing is unreal, the beaches are pristine. But, did I mention my missus favourite part? The local cafes have excellent coffee! There’s also small local supermarkets for supplies, fuel stations that don’t charge an arm and a leg, a few clothes and souvenir shops and a local pubs.

Best Time to Visit

The missus and I like to head there around August during the tailor run. But any time outside of the school holiday crowds is sure to be a winner. 

Fees and Booking

To book your North Straddie adventure you’ll need a ferry ticket, a beach permit and camping permits. Camping and beach permits can be organised through And your ferry ticket can be prearranged through