Tyre Tips with CIA Victoria

The Caravan Industry Association of Victoria ensures quality and compliance standards for their customers, plus have plenty of handy tips and hints to make your life on the road a lot safer and easier.

Ever wondered how often you should change your tyres? Your tyres are your main contact point with the ground so it’s important to make sure they are in good working order and in great condition. The tyre industry recommends getting your tyres checked by a professional every 6 years and replacing them every 10 years.

If you are not sure how old the tyres on your caravan are, you can check on the tyre. On your tyre there is a year and a week that they were produced. For example if it says 4817 that means the tyres were produced in the 48th week of 2017.

Another important factor when considering changing your tyres is the load ratings on the tyres. Remember that single/dual ratings are per tyre, per axle as well so it is important that those ratings match up to the ratings on your caravan. The Tyre and Rim Association of Australia produce a manual to give you your speed ratings, your tyre pressures and also the rating of your tyres.

For more tips like these and to find out more about CIA Victoria and the work they do for the caravan industry visit gomakesomememories.com.au

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