Tow vehicle maintenance tips from Bob Jane T-Marts

There is often a lot of emphasis put on caravan safety when you travel, but servicing and maintaining your tow vehicle is just as important to keep you safe on your next trip.  Bob Jane T-Marts have some tips on key maintenance factors you should look out for when planning your next adventure.

Before you go on a trip, it is essential to check a few things including your tyre tread depth as well as your tyre pressure. When checking your tyre pressure, make sure you do it when the tyres are cold. Your wheel alignment is also one of the key maintenance factors to ensure that you get the most economy and performance out of your tyres, but is often overlooked. Wheel aligning your vehicle on a regular basis will encourage the tread life of your tyres as well as benefit your fuel economy, plus will make sure many modern vehicle features such as lane departure, adaptive cruise control and steering angle sensors all work correctly.

Today’s modern suspensions require precise wheel alignments that can only be achieved through a modern alignment system. Bob Jane T-Marts have qualified specialists that are experts in wheel alignment and all your vehicle servicing/maintenance needs. For more tips on your tow vehicle safety and to book your next routine checkup, head over to

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