Camec’s guide to hitching up you van!

Getting on the road with your caravan to make some great memories with the family is something everyone can get excited for, but before you head off Camec has come up with a detailed guide to make sure you’re hitching up your caravan correctly.

One of the key elements before towing a caravan is to make sure the ball weight on your caravan matches up with the tow vehicles ball weight capacity, so you are not travelling overweight. It is important to note that the recommended ball weight on your caravan’s vehicle plate does not take into account the added weight of what you have placed into the caravan.

The next step is to reverse your vehicle towards the caravan so the tow ball is under the caravan coupling, then, lower the caravan down onto the tow ball using the jockey wheel. The jockey wheel will lift off the ground once the weight of the caravan is on the car. Ensure the caravan hitch is locked to prevent it from becoming disconnected from the tow vehicle. You can now take off the jockey wheel and store it in the boot of your caravan.

Connect your safety chains using the correct rated D-shackles always ensuring that the safety chains are crossed and connect the trailer plug and breakaway system between the caravan and tow vehicle.

Finally, release the handbrake on the caravan, check your brake lights, tail lights and indicators are working and fit and adjust your towing mirrors and you’re ready to explore this great country.

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