Think Caravan’s Top Tips: Understanding Caravan Weight

Sunland Caravan’s are back with some more helpful tips with Think Caravans, helping you understand more about your caravan to make sure you are travelling safe and efficiently on the road, particularly managing your caravans weight.

When contemplating perhaps which caravan you are in the market for, or you may be thinking of buying a new car, it is always best to keep in mind the maximum tow weight of your motor vehicle and total ball weight that is allowed. For example, if the maximum tow weight on your car is 2600kg, your caravan can weigh up to 2600kg.

You may also want to weigh your caravan prior to the pay load, rather than relying on the compliance plate as the compliance plate weight is calculated at the time of manufacturing.

It is important not to ignore the weight ratings on your motor vehicle or your caravan for your own safety and for other people on the road. If you are ever unsure, you can always contact the manufacturer of the van or check the weights on a weigh bridge.