Think Caravans Top Tips: Setting Up to Tow

‘Think Caravans’ brings you another handy tip on getting ready to get out on your next adventure! Roy Wyss from Sunland Caravans explains the process of towing and the importance of preparation when setting up.
Caravan Weight: Before you start, make sure you car towing weight is compatible with your caravan.
Components: You want to make sure your car is fitted with all the right components brake control unit, rear vision mirrors, correct trailer connectors, correct tow ball or pin, the correct shackles.
On Board: Sometimes these things can be easily forgotten, you want to make sure you have your drinking hose and connections, sullage hose and connections, trailer jack and handle, awning rod, and power leads.
Necessities: If you are travelling somewhere where water might be scarce or tainted, you may want to fill up one of your tanks. However keeping in mind this will add weight while you are towing. You may also need to consider your grey water, perhaps bringing something to treat it if you are holding it for over 24 hours.
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