Think Caravans Top Tips: Checking your Caravan

Roy Wyss from Sunland Caravans brings you ‘Think Caravans’, a new initiative to give tips and hints for checking your caravan and discusses the final checks needed to ensure a safe journey. Before you head on your way, its always a great idea to check your caravan to ensure a safe journey not only for you and your passengers, but for everyone else on the road.

Before you head out onto the road, it is best that you check:

Tyre Pressure: Check for pressure and tyre wear- if it is uneven it could indicate that you may need a wheel alignment, or perhaps you are over or under inflated.

Tightness of Attachments: Make sure any boat trailers or bicycle racks are secure to avoid any misfortune down the track.

Break Away Operation: You can check this is active by pulling the pin and checking if your breaks are activated. Make sure you refit the pin properly to avoid excess power usage.

Connecting your Caravan to your car: Make sure you have someone there to help you align your car to your caravan. Once you have done this, using your jockey wheel lower down your caravan to your vehicle, making sure you double check the lock.

Making sure its level: You want to be making sure you car and caravan are level for it to tow correctly, although this may take some time to adjust the tow height, it is worth it while you are towing.

Safety Chains: Once everything is locked and ready, you must fit your safety chains. When doing this, you want to make sure your chains are correctly rated, crossed and not too tight or dragging.

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