Simple steps for setting up your Foldaway Antenna

Fold Away Antennas are all Australian designed and built for better TV reception. At just under 2kgs, the Fold Away Antenna is convenient to store, quick and easy to set up and will pick up signals all across Australia.

For a tutorial on how to set up your Fold Away Antenna, watch the short video above or read on for the simple instructions.

Always turn your power off and use a waterproof silicone between the brackets and the van. Attach the top clip as high as possible on the van, then mount the bottom mounting bracket so that the antenna sits just under the top join in the mast (or about 60 cm) using the stainless steel screws provided.

Take your Fold Away Antenna out of the tube and push tubing together then plug directly into the socket on your van. 

Finally, push antenna into top clip and place onto the bracket, swivel to tune and lock into place. 

For more information including tips for better TV reception using the Fold Away Antenna visit

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