Saving space and weight in your caravan kitchen with Camec

When you are travelling in your caravan, you often have to compromise on items that you often would use in everyday life, in order to save space and weight. Thanks to the team at Camec, Tracey from ‘The Blonde Nomads’, walks us through some handy space saving tips for your kitchen when you are on the road.

Using space saving pots that are either collapsable or fit perfectly inside each other is a great way maximise the space in your caravan kitchen. Camec’s range of square pots are a great space saving option with its revolutionary detachable handle which allows the pots not only to stack neatly, but also store in the fridge for some tasty leftovers.

Camec’s large range of collapsable kitchenware is a versatile and savvy space saver option. Being able to collapse right down, the range is easy to store and also can be used for a variety of different things.

One thing to consider when travelling in your caravan is also thinking about the weight of your items on board. Camec’s range of lightweight kitchenware not only look good, but are also virtually unbreakable. When moving to a new location, having shatterproof kitchenware will eliminate that nasty surprise of broken glasses and dishes upon arrival, especially if there are some bumps in the road!

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