A safe connection with ‘Think Caravans’ from Sunland

The trailer wiring code is an important system to learn, so it’s time to starting thinking about your trailer wiring with Sunland‘s ‘Think Caravans’.
To get you started, check to see if your DSC or ESC lights are activated when fitted on your vehicle and caravan. If you find that the lights aren’t activate don both your trailer or caravan, it may be because:
  • Pins may be corroded or damaged
  • Split in the pins on the plug may be loose
  • If this fails, check the fuses

Every vehicle will have the same trailer wiring code, those codes are:

  • Red for brakes
  • Yellow for left indicator
  • Green for right indicator
  • Brown for clearance lights
  • White for earth
  • Blue for trailer brakes
  • Black for auxillary

It is recommended that when you are towing a trailer or caravan that you travel with your lights on park, so that you can see the lights from inside the vehicle. This also means that if your were to become unplugged on your journey, you would have a visual from the drivers seat.

Before heading off on your journey, you should also consider:

  • Adjusting your mirrors so you can see both sides of the caravan
  • Making sure all hatches, windows and doors are locked
  • Items in the interior are tied down and TV stored away
  • Turn off water pumps
  • Turn off gas from the bottle

For more information head to sunlandcaravans.com.au