Installing Lockers & Regearing Differentials in your 4×4

When it comes to differentials or “diffs” in your 4×4, there’s a lot of mystery and as to how they are set up and whether the job should be left up to a professional. Tough Toys are here to dispel some mystery behind your diffs and show you how you can install a locker or regear your diff in your home garage.

Tough Toys have put together a useful guide, based on a Jeep JK Dana 30 front axle but a lot of what is discussed will apply to most 4×4 vehicle diffs out there.  Working on an axle is not rocket science, with the right tools and a lot of research, anyone with some mechanical ability can install gearing.

Follow the link here to read the full guide on the Tough Toys website and while you are there you can find more handy tips and hints plus also check out their range of off-road accessories.

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