Handy Tips on Levelling your Caravan with Camec

Levelling your caravan is an important step in making sure you are set up on your campsite correctly. When your caravan is level, it allows your sink and shower drain properly, your fridges run effectively and everything is stable.

One of the easiest ways to make sure your caravan is level is by using Camec’s Two-Way Level. It can be mounted onto the draw bar and give you a quick indication of whether your van is level. If it is not level, using the Camec Level Ramp, you can slide it under the wheel that needs to be raised and tow the van forward.

Then, using a jockey wheel, lower your van until it is level. Alternatively, you can use a ‘trailer mate’ that converts into a jack when you need it by swapping the wheel for a base plate, to raise your caravan up to the required level.

Now that your caravan is level, engage the caravan handbrake and lower the legs of the caravan.

To find more products to assist with the levelling of your caravan, head to camec.com