Caravanning Tips and Hints

Tips and Hints from the Tough Test

Craig from AL-KO and Borgy have some essential tips and hints about taking your caravan on the roughest of roads and doing it well.

Busting the D Shackle Myth

Daniel Sahlberg from Caravan Industry Victoria looks at the myth about D Shackles.

The Australian Standard for D Shackles applies to using them for lifting. On a caravan they are used for towing.

The Queensland Government Safe Towing has the D Shackle guide on page 5, but the whole guide is worth reading.

CIAA Safe Service

It is important to have your caravan serviced regularly, just as you do your car. And, just as you do with your car, you need to make sure that you have an outstanding service agent.

Caravan Industry Victoria run the Service Safe program, which provides a list of reputable service agents in Victoria. There are excellent service agents in other states too.

Daniel Sahlberg shares what it takes to become a Service Safe key holder.