Service & Repair NOW – so you are READY TO GO as soon as the Pandemic is over!
Advantage Caravan Repairs are a service and repair centre and not on the restricted list of business, customers can travel to their premises if they wish. However, like most businesses, over the past few weeks they have implemented a range of measures to protect themselves and their customers, from new infection control policies to restricting access to their workshops and more.
They are offering a pick up & drop off service to their customers!
Simply arrange your caravan so it is accessible to their staff, leave your keys in a safe place, and we will take it from there.
(Please note a fee may apply, subject to caravan location)
In addition to this, they have introduced an entirely non contact drop off and pick up service.
This means, if you choose to drop off or pick up your caravan, you will not need to see, talk, touch or interact with any of their team, or even enter their premises.
You will simply unhitch, drop your keys into their safety box, or collect your keys and hitch up, and we will communicate with you via whatever electronic or digital means that suits you!
They are specialists in caravan repairs to all makes and models.
ACR is renowned Australia wide for their expertise and capacity to undertake major collision and smash repairs.
They are a complete RV Service and Repair Centre. They boast a comprehensive range of in house services and repairs, all conveniently delivered from one workshop.
They have the knowledge, skill, capabilities, staff, contacts, enthusiasm and most of all they have the passion to repair, maintain, service or upgrade your caravan.
Advantage Caravan Repairs are accredited with the Caravan Industry Association of Victoria’s “Service Safe Accreditation Program”.  This means they meet stringent training, equipment, and business standards.  Each year they participate in a rigorous audit to demonstrate our compliance with the standards.
By having your caravan serviced and repaired at an accredited ‘Service Safe’ business you can be confident that the works are being carried out by qualified staff, whom undertake regular training, and use only maintained and calibrated equipment.
To Find out more or to book your next service visit their website