A guide to installing your Camec Keyless Entry Striker

Innovation is nothing new for Camec, with over 45 years of industry experience in Australia and New Zealand building innovative and high quality RV products that help create everyday comfort. The Camec Keyless Entry System has made carrying around your RV key a thing of the past, is ultra secure and features a custom designed triple redundancy system to ensure seamless operation of this state of the art locking system.

The Camec Keyless Entry System features an optional powered striker plate which may be connected to the caravan’s main 12V battery supply. It will provide 12V to the Keyless Entry unit when the door is closed. Fitment of the powered striker is only if 12V supply from the caravan’s batteries is required. The Keyless Entry unit will operate without this power connection, provided 4x AA batteries are fitted into the lock.

Please watch the brief video above, or see the instructions below for how to install your Camec Keyless Entry Powered Striker.

  • With door in the near closed position, mark the centre of the powered striker pins on the trim frame.
  • Aligned with the marking above, drill a 13mm hole through the trim frame into the caravan wall, as per below. Be sure to confirm the hole will not interrupt any major structural or electrical elements in the wall prior to drilling. Consult your dealer or caravan manufacturer for further information.
  • Connect the powered striker wires to the caravan 12V battery supply. RED wire = +12V, BLACK wire = 0V. Connections to caravan battery supply will vary with caravan model.
  • Feed wires and fuse holder through the 13mm hole into the trim frame.
  • Fit the supplied grommet into the 13mm hole in the trim frame
  • Align the powered striker centrally over provided. the grommet on the trim frame, and drill a 2.5mm hole through the mounting point
  • Repeat on inner face of the powered striker, being sure to press the striker against the trim frame.
  • Fasten powered striker to trim frame with metal screws.
  • Confirm operation of the Keyless Entry.
  • Green light in the external button should be permanently illuminated green when the lock is connected to caravan’s 12V supply

To find out more about the Camec Keyless Entry System, or for installation and operation manuals, please visit camec.com

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