A guide to installing your Camec Keyless Entry Lock

Find comfort in knowing that all you need to do is carry a fob to electronically unlock or lock your RVs door! Whether travelling to the beach, hiking or just relaxing at the campground, you can rest easy knowing that your RV is secured. The Camec Keyless Entry system is the ultra-secure way to guarantee peace of mind.

Please watch the brief video above, or see the instructions below for how to install your Camec Keyless Entry Lock.

  • Open the main door and lift up the handle to separate the security door from the main door
  • Remove current lock from door
    • Press safety detent button and slide locking snib down to expose the retaining screws
    • Undo retaining screws and remove main lock – be sure to keep the retaining screw as they will be used with the new keyless entry lock
  • Take the new Keyless Entry lock and ensure it is in a locked state, with the external handle in the locked position
  • On the Keyless Entry, carefully disconnect the wire between the lock handles and separate the two pieces
  • Fit the outer handle to the outer face of the security door. Note the routing of the cable.
  • Connect the wire from the inner assembly to the outer assembly, through the door. Install Keyless Entry inner main lock with locking snib down (locked). Note it is crucially important that the cable is routed along the designated channel and not get pinched against the door frame or door.
  • Once the two sections are together, use a screwdriver to lift the drive block and make sure latch gear engages with the rack.
  • Fit 3 screws to the lock assembly, supplied. Tighten to ~0.9Nm. Caution: Do not overtighten screws. If the lock is binding, loosen screw slightly.
  • Confirm that remote catch pins are in alignment with the main catch pin.
  • Fit all four alkaline batteries to the lock
  • Test the operation of the lock door by manually unlocking and locking using the internal lock snib
  • Press the outer button to wake up the lock as it’s now in battery mode
  • Present the programmed fob to the outer lock handle.
  • Outer lock handle should retract and lock the door
  • Repeat this process to unlock the door

To find out more about the Camec Keyless Entry System, or for installation and operation manuals, please visit camec.com

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