Perfect meals anywhere under the sun!

Imagine dishing up a delicious plate of roasted vegetables, some grilled steak and some juicy caramelised onions right outside of your car or caravan…in the middle of no where…with no fuel?
Sounds a bit out of reach doesn’t it? However the new GoSun Grill and GoSun Stove is a game changing solar cooker that can do absolutely anything under the sun…literally!
Whether you want to bake, boil or fry, the GoSun can cook as fast as a normal grill while retaining all the rich natural flavours of food, all without using any fuel. It works by using reflectors that reflect 80% of the suns UV rays into a vacuumed sealed channel, heating the food up to 280º C, working perfectly like a conventional oven.
Renee from the The Modern Foodie demonstrates how to cook a beautiful family meal with the GoSun Solar Cooker Range, with caramelised onion and leek scallops in the stove, and roast vegetables, stuffed mushrooms and marinated lamb cutlets on the menu in the video below.

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