What Battery Charger suits my batteries?

A good quality and properly set up battery charging system is the most important part of your power supply. You can buy the best quality batteries in the world, but they won’t last or perform if you have a poor quality, incorrect or poorly setup battery charger including sure power and solar charge controllers.

When it comes time to replace your batteries you should consider the following; How long did your previous batteries last? If the answer is “a long time” you most likely have a good quality battery charger and it is programmed and set up correctly for the battery technology that you have or had and you followed good battery charging practises including limiting your depth of discharge and keeping your batteries in a fully charged condition (especially when in storage)

If the answer is “not long” you need to ask why? Is the battery charger suitable for the battery size and technology? Did you cycle the batteries too hard? Did you leave the batteries discharged for lengthy periods? These are all common factors that cause early battery failures.

To find out what should you consider when it’s time to replace your batteries, continuing reading in the July Issue of the What’s Up Downunder Digital Magazine.