Trek3 joins the Odyssey System

BMPRO Odyssey link puts Mbattery management + more info into your hands

Managing your campsite power and water is now easier than ever with the latest Odyssey app providing remote access to BMPRO’s new Trek3 wall-mounted display.

By accessing Trek3’s easily- recognisable pictograms via ‘OdysseyLink’, travellers can
view and control their water tank levels and BMPRO BatteryPlus35- managed battery system on their Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone.

Despite their ease-of-use, the Trek3 controls are highly sophisticated, letting you switch on water pumps and even disconnect the battery, if required.

The latest version of the celebrated wall-mounted display also features a stylish new look.

Tyre Pressures, Cabin temps and more 

Odyssey is a powerful app that also features a Bluetooth ‘OdysseyLink’ connection to BMPRO’s SmartConnect range, for vital information from the comforts of your camp chair or tow vehicle cabin.

Check what’s left in your ‘SmartSense-monitored’ gas cylinders, your ‘TPMS SmartPressure’ tyre pressure readings or the ambient ‘SmartTemp’ temperature readings in your fridge-freezer or caravan cabin.

Relying on the universal Bluetooth technology, the system is enviably expandable. Just watch this space for a smarter camp in your road- bound home!