Travel further off-grid with the smart-tech Thetford iNDUS toilet

Looking to minimise water waste off-grid? Or travel further between emptying tanks? Check out the smart-tech Thetford iNDUS toilet with a powerful macerator flush.

Not only is it water smart, the iNDUS toilet system is compact and comfortable, featuring a soft-close lid.

Thetford iNDUST toilet is stylish and features a soft-close lid


The stylish RV toilet minimises water consumption by drawing on chemically-treated grey water from one of three iNDUS tanks.

The complete system actually captures the grey water from your sink and shower.

Its efficient macerator flush boosts the iNDUS’ water saving credentials further, effectively cleaning the bowl with just a small amount of water in a choice of two flush settings.

What’s more, there’s no need to fuss about measuring chemicals, with the iNDUS Dosing Module automatically treating the black and grey water at every vital step.

There's no messy measuring of chemicals thanks to the dosing system


Not ready to pull up stumps? The iNDUS is smart-tech enabled taking the guesswork out of replacing the chemicals or emptying waste.

Simply download the companion App, monitor the water in all three iNDUS tanks then find nearby discharge locations for disposal as required.

According to Thetford, the iNDUS toilet delivers comforts off-grid for up to week.

A downloadable map tracks tank capacity, chemical usage, and calculated off-grid capacity


But the automation doesn’t end there.

The iNDUS also features a powerful pump that when teamed with its handy removal tank lets you quickly and easily dispose excess grey water and the treated black waste.

It’s a fuss-free system that provides a hygienic approach to managing waste.

Thetford says the system will be available in Australia in 2023. Want to know more? Why not chat to a Thetford dealer.