For decades, Thetford has been producing Cooking Appliances for the leisure market, designed and manufactured in the town of Sheffield in the UK. The latest addition to their broad cooking portfolio is the 353 combination unit.

The new Thetford 353 combination unit combines a 7.5L sink with three different sized gas burners, making this modern looking unit the perfect space saver for both inside the RV or as an external slide out kitchen. The split glass lid (with built in safety shut off lid) offers both a clean look and extra work space. The domestic sized knobs and big gas burners make cooking in your RV just as easy and simple as at home. Moreover, Thetford’s 353 Combo unit is super easy to clean, as it is made of stainless steel and has removable cast iron pan rests.

Needless to say, this new combination unit comes with the standard 3-year warranty that Thetford offers on all their high-quality products.

Benefits 353 Combo Unit:

✓ Perfect space saver

✓ With split glass lid for extra work space and a clean look

✓ Great as slide-out kitchen

✓ Domestic size knobs

✓ Automatic shut off on lid

✓ Flame failure device on valves

✓ Larger pan rests

✓ Automatic 12V ignition

✓ Standard 3-year warranty